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Popular Areas For Botox In Men

How Botox helps you look younger

The use of botox is one of the best-known methods when talking about procedures to look younger. Unlike conventional ones, this method does not require the interference of surgical techniques.

Botox has become popular because it works as a paralyzer that causes specific muscles of the face not to contract as they usually do, thus preventing them from forming facial expressions.

As a result, hundreds of people have decided to undergo this procedure to achieve a youthful face. More recently, the use of botox in men has become popular, as they are requesting botox more frequently than in previous years.

Botox In Men

Areas of the face where Botox is usually applied

The use of plastic surgery in men has ceased to be a taboo, although previously, this kind of procedure was attributed only to women and celebrities; today, it is more normalized that both men and women can get these and many other procedures without fear of being judged. As mentioned above, the use of botox in men has been increasing considerably in recent years, as it is one of the few procedures with quick placement and, of course, immediate effects.

But now, on which facial areas is Botox in men most commonly used?

  • Forehead:

Wrinkles on the forehead are usually known as expression lines since, in most cases, these wrinkles are produced when we laugh, cry or express any other emotion. That is why the application of botox in men is usually mainly in this area of the face because even with the naked eye, it is easy to notice these wrinkles, as they are traditionally the most marked.  Because of this, when botox is applied in this area, the results are much more noticeable.

  • The perimeter of the mouth:

The mouth is an area that, over the years, begins to lose its firmness, which is very noticeable in the perimeter of this. The use of botox in men can help these areas to recover their firmness, and it does not produce pain, which is a concern that patients undergoing this procedure usually have as it is known that the mouth is one of the most delicate areas of the face.

  • Around the eyes:

Another area where botox in men is usually placed is around the eyes. In addition to the forehead, this part of the face is another area where wrinkles generally form first. Although most of them are due to high exposure to the sun and expressions, it is still a very noticeable area where botox is used to make them disappear.

  • Between the eyebrows:

Finally, another area of the face is between the eyebrows; usually, when botox in men is placed in the forehead area, botox is also placed in this area. However, this procedure can be performed days after botox has been placed in the forehead area.

How effective is it?

Botox is one of the most effective and instantaneous procedures available, from its application to its durability.

When botox is placed, it takes effect from 15 to 40 minutes from its application and lasts approximately 3 to 4 months. Once the effect is over, you can apply botox again in the same areas where it was previously used.

Where can I get Botox safely?

It is essential to clarify that only some are suitable for the placement of botox in men. The first thing to do is to see a surgeon specialized in the application of botox for an evaluation; this will determine if you are suitable for this procedure.

Suppose you are thinking of having Botox applied. In that case, the best option is to visit the city of Tijuana, which has international prestige as one of the most reliable cities where you can have any type of aesthetic touch-up. Thousands of foreigners come every year for a botox Tijuana procedure.

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