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The laser lounge

The constant advances in cosmetic treatments have allowed us to give our patients better results, which are not only reflected in the improvement of their appearance, but also in the improvement of their internal health. 

One of the systems that has revolutionized the work of medical specialists such as Dr. Campos-Leon has been the laser in its different applications and uses.

Welcome to the laser lounge, a space where Dr. Campos-Leon, along with his team, will work hard to provide patients with high quality and guaranteed treatments. 

What is a laser? 

The laser has been widely used by doctors and specialists in aesthetics, mainly because it emits waves of different lengths and uses a range of light or infrared, which makes it possible to work the skin’s internal issues, making the results noticeable in the external area. The light emitted by these devices is unique because it is not handled through ultraviolet light and the wave ranges have different functions; this according to the procedure to be performed.

The laser lounge

Types of cosmetic lasers and treatments

In Dr. Campos-Leon’s laser lounge, those in charge of performing procedures with these instruments are highly trained to understand their function, results obtained, and how patients can improve their appearance and well-being through these devices.

Two types of lasers are targeted for different treatments: the ablative and non-ablative laser. The first is used to treat the most superficial layers of the skin, especially those that suffer damage that is not internal. In contrast, the second is used to treat those skins that already have much deeper conditions, so only specialists can use ablative lasers.

In cosmetics and Dr. Campos-Leon’s laser room, different lasers are used for different treatments, each with a specific purpose.

Lasers to treat wrinkles and fine lines- To combat the signs of aging, carbon dioxide lasers can be used. These are a great ally to also eliminate warts and pigmentations on the skin. Those based on pulsed light are excellent for combating photo-aging, and lines that are not so marked.

Lifting effect Carbon dioxide lasers are also an excellent aid to produce a lifting effect. An effect is surface stretching, mainly because the waves help the body generate more collagen, thus improving the skin’s appearance. Also, they can be accompanied by other types of processes, such as radiofrequency.

Laser for pigmented skins- One of the lesions or signs that first appear on the skin is pigmentation, so the use of fractional lasers and light is an excellent alternative to give the skin a surface without so much hyperpigmentation.

Tattoo Removal- Carbon dioxide lasers are perfect for tattoo removal; along with this type of laser, some kinds of light can be used to assist in the proper healing and oxygenation of the area.

Hair Removal- Many types of lasers can be used for hair removal, mainly because it depends on the hair’s pigmentation, thickness, and skin condition. Some of the most used are the diodes since they are perfect for skin and hair color. Also, pulsed light is widely used.

Treating acne scars- With carbon dioxide lasers, it is possible to improve the scars’ appearance and surface. This type of treatment is ideal for those who have suffered from severe acne.

Benefits of using cosmetic lasers

Many benefits can be obtained within a laser room; some of them are

  • Anti-inflammatory effect – ideal for acneic skin or skin that tends to redden more easily.
  • To eliminate fluid retention- some lasers are ideal to avoid fluid retention, especially in areas where cellulite is present.
  • With its use, it is possible to promote collagen production, making it ideal for combating wrinkles’ appearance and obtaining a lifting effect.
  • It effectively removes hair.
  • It helps to oxygenate and renew the skin, making it a perfect ally to fight stretch marks and scars.

Dr. Campos-Leon’s laser lounge provides patients with optimal results, and the entire team working within it is committed to providing quality procedures and monitoring the process at all times. Our high professionalism and experience distinguish our laser room as one of the best because it works with people who feel self-conscious and are seeking to improve their appearance in a safe and trustworthy place. 

Each treatment is meticulously performed, respecting the patients’ decisions and examining the skin in-depth to know which laser is the right one for each person, especially because many types of skin are not suitable for all treatments.

In this laser lounge, we provide results and quality. If you’d like to know more about the lasers used, and which one is suitable for you, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.





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