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Augmentation mammaplasty, also known as a breast augmentation or more commonly known as a “boob job”, is one of the cosmetic breast procedures offered by Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon. This procedure involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of the breasts. A breast augmentation restores breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy, and gives the breasts a more symmetrical and rounded shape. Breast augmentation treatment is also ideal for those people who present inconformity with their natural breast size or who want more voluminous breasts.

To execute this breast augmentation procedure, those interested must be advised and accompanied by an expert surgeon in the field, such as Dr. Jaime Campos-León. Thanks to his experience and his team, the patient will be sure that the results will be optimal, and that, as in all the procedures, the well-being of the patient will be the most important factor.

Before a person undergoes surgery such as breast augmentation, Dr. Jaime Campos-León will analyze each case in detail, Evaluating the body structure, skin, symmetry, and more. This provides a professional opinion about how the breasts will look better; this in terms of the implant’s quantity and shape.

1 Augmentation Mammaplasty

First Step

The first step is essential for the operation to be carried out correctly. The patient’s medical history will be reviewed and verified to ensure there will be no complications during surgery or recovery. Once the patient and Dr. Campos-León have reached an agreement about how the breasts will look, the indications and care that the patient must follow will be provided.


Once the history and the pre analysis have been completed, the anesthesia will be administered, via general or intravenous sedatives. After the anesthesia has taken effect, the necessary incisions will be made in strategic areas to prevent visible scarring. There are different types of incisions where the implant can be inserted. In addition, there are various types of implant materials that might be better suited for the patient’s desired outcome. The patient may discuss these options with Dr. Campos-Leon before the procedure.

As for the choice of implants, there are two types, which are either saline or silicone based. The first ones are made of sterile salt water, and their firmness will depend substantially on the implant quantity or amount. As for the silicone implants, these are formed by a type of gel that allows the breasts to look and feel very natural. The choice of the kind of implants will depend heavily on the surgeon and the patient, so Dr. Jaime Campos-León will first give the patients the pros and cons of each one and verify that they are adequate according to the body structure.

The implant placement for breast augmentation can be submuscular or in the back of the breast tissue, that is, in front of the pectoral muscle. Likewise, the placement method will depend significantly on the surgeon’s recommendations.  Once the implants have been placed in the desired area, the surgeon will close the incisions with suture, surgical tape, or another element. Once the breast augmentation surgery is complete, results will be immediately visible and may improve once the swelling has subsided.

Recovery and aftercare

After the procedure, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions and patient will be given an elastic bandage support bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal. Dr. Campos-Leon will communicate more information about the necessary after care procedures following the surgery. Recovery will begin in the 24 hours following surgery. The body will gradually lower the inflammation levels that occurred due to the manipulation caused in the area. Patients may present irritation or discomfort, but that is why Dr. Jaime Campos-León recommends that, before any symptom, the person goes immediately to the clinic to verify if the healing process is occurring correctly.

As for the care that must be followed, the team and Dr. Jaime Campos-León will give the patient the necessary recommendations so that the healing process is not complicated, including the type of medication, how to clean the area to avoid infection, and how often it is necessary to attend revision. If the patient wants optimal results and no complications in recovery, it is necessary and essential to follow the recommendations provided by Dr. Campos-Leon.


Dr. Jaime Campos-León recommends his patients have absolute rest for three to five days to avoid fatigue. Also, since breast augmentation surgery will not require more than five days of rest, after one week, the person will be able to attend work without any problem. It is recommended that you do not do heavy exercise or lift anything weighing more than six pounds.


The price of breast augmentation surgery includes the appropriate implants for each patient, the team’s fees, and Dr. Jaime Campos- León, as well as the clinic’s expenses. If there is any doubt about breast augmentation surgery, please do not hesitate in contacting our clinic.





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