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Reduction mammaplasty, also known as breast reduction, is one of the cosmetic breast procedures offered by Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon. This procedure removes fatty buildups, excessive glandular tissue, and skin from the breast. The purpose is to address body image preferences, pain and discomfort, or a combination of these and related concerns. 

While a breast reduction may be an elective procedure, there are health benefits associated with it. For example, in case of macromastia or overly heavy breasts, it reduces back pain and allows more movement. If untreated, macromastia can lead to chronic pain that prevents a woman from performing even simple physical tasks. A breast reduction can make a patient look proportioned with the rest of their body, and sometimes even slimmer than with bigger breasts.

As each individual patient is unique, all details shall be discussed with Dr. Campos-Leon in order to choose the best breast reduction procedure for the patient’s needs. 

5 Reduction Mammaplasty

Who is the ideal candidate?

According to Dr. Jaime Campos, the ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery is already beginning to present physical problems due to the area’s excess volume. In some cases, women can present this discomfort from a young age, but it is necessary to wait until they have fully developed. This treatment cannot be performed on pregnant women, those in the breastfeeding process, and is not recommended for those who plan to have a child.


Usually, patients who come to the clinic looking for reduction are those who have pain in the lower back, as well as in the neck and shoulders. They sometimes have small bumps under the breasts, nervous problems or conditions of the back, and due to the weight of their breasts, may even find it difficult to breathe.

First, the surgeon, Dr. Jaime Campos-León, will start the process with an evaluation appointment, where both the patient and the doctor will analyze the case and see what type of technique is appropriate, mainly because the method may vary depending on each case. At this point, Dr. Jaime Campos will examine the patient’s medical history to verify if the patient is a candidate for the breast reduction procedure and if complications may occur due to some disease.

With the high degree of knowledge that the specialist has, he will now analyze in detail the conditions in which the area to be worked on is located, studying the type of skin or tissue and where it is more convenient to make the necessary incisions to provide the patient with the best results and keeping their well-being in mind.

The surgery

Once the patient has passed the previous tests and is accepted as a candidate for breast reduction, Dr. Jaime Campos’ team will provide the person with the necessary preoperative indications that the patient must follow rigorously. On the day set for the surgery, the patient will be given the anesthesia indicated to begin the surgical procedure formally. This procedure can last between three to five hours, depending on the case.

When the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Jaime Campos will begin the incisions; these incisions will be made in specific areas where the scars are not visible and where the area can be manipulated without any problem, many times. Breast reduction is accompanied by liposuction in the area, to provide the patient with a better appearance in the breasts. If the breasts are huge and bulky, many times, the nipple and areola can be removed to reduce the volume and subsequently reimplanted; in these cases, the patient must not be going through a pregnancy or nursing stage.


At the end of the surgery, Dr. Jaime Campos will again analyze the results and verify if the patient’s health conditions are perfect. Once the anesthesia has worn off, the patient may experience pain or discomfort, so it will be necessary to rest for a while to ensure that the recovery process is done right. Dr. Jaime Campos will provide the patient with the recommendations and care instructions that must be followed to avoid any infection or problem.


Within the indications for care and healing, Dr. Jaime Campos will provide the patient with specific rules regarding the type of diet to follow, the medication to take, care and hygiene, the symptoms that may occur during the healing process, and some signs that the person should analyze to see if there are any complications.

Patients should know that the bruises can remain between ten and fourteen days, that the first days are essential to detect if there may be problems in recovery, that there should be rest, which does not necessarily have to be lying down, and that you should limit the movements of the arms and avoid tight clothing.

What is recovery like?

After the procedure, dressings or bandages will be applied to the areas of incisions and you will be given an elastic bandage support bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal. Dr. Campos-Leon will communicate more information about the necessary after care procedures following the surgery.

The total recovery time will depend on the conditions in which each patient is found, so there is no approximation. The first visit with Dr. Jaime Campos after surgery will be between three to four days after the intervention, where the surgeon will analyze the healing process and detect if there may be complications. Discomfort and the time in which the patient can return to their labor activities will have much to do with how well the recovery goes and how the person feels.

Breast reduction surgery is an operation that will require a specialist surgeon, which is why we recommend you go to Dr. Jaime Campos, where together with his team, he will work hard to provide the optimal results that are important to you both. 

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