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Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections have been one of the favorite cosmetics treatments, mainly because with the application of these substances in areas where there are wrinkles, the skin improves its appearance, making expression lines decrease considerably. 

Despite being a very popular procedure, dermal injections are essential to perform by a specialist who has the knowledge and the correct technique to give people a natural appearance. 

That is why Dr. Jaime Campos-León offers the service of anti wrinkle injections, assuring patients that the final results will be the desired ones and indicating the benefits and risks that can be presented when opting for this treatment.

Patients must know the different substances that can be injected, especially because many may not be biocompatible or approved by the FDA. If high-risk material is administered, it can cause permanent deformities or injuries that will jeopardize people’s appearance and well-being.

9 Anti Wrinkle Injection

What are anti wrinkle injections, and how are they used?

As the name implies, anti wrinkle injections are intended to fill in and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The substances used in this procedure must be evaluated and suitable for aesthetic use, so there are usually two types of assets that are implemented, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

This type of product is used mainly to correct those areas where the skin has suffered wrinkles, expression lines, or folds, which can considerably damage the patient’s appearance and emotional state. 

How are anti wrinkle injections administered?

The injections application is a fast and non-invasive process that does not affect people’s daily routine, and the process is done in a couple of minutes. For this, through injections, the substance will be placed where the folds, expression lines, or wrinkles are formed, allowing the area to relax to avoid the increase of wrinkles. The moment the area relaxes, the skin looks much smoother and more youthful. The effects can be seen after approximately 48 hours, and it is mainly indicated for people between 30 years old and above.

Are there risks involved in using anti wrinkle injections?

It is necessary that at the time that the person attends the clinic for treatment, consult with Dr. Jaime Campos-León about the possible side effects, the most common of which are hematomas, inflammation, itching, pain, and redness. Other side effects that can be generated at the time of not going to a specialist are infections, pigmentation in the worked area, and the appearance of lumps. The signs of risk are presented after the injection, and in case they are usual side effects, these can disappear after one or two weeks, but in case they last, it will be necessary to go to the doctor.

In what areas of the skin is it possible to treat anti wrinkle injections?

For either Botox or Hyaluronic Acid, the treatment is usually performed in those areas where there is a lot of movement, mainly in the neck and face. In case it is in the face, it can be applied in the wrinkles or expression lines in front, between the eyebrows, around the lips and eyes. The technique and method of application will depend on each doctor.

Recommendations for patients

Firstly, people interested in treating anti wrinkle injections should go to a certified doctor who uses closed material. That does not have their work area in locations such as homes or esthetics, and that has the necessary certificates that approve the use of these materials, as is Dr. Jaime Campos-León.

Also, patients must be aware of the materials that will be used. This way, it will be possible to verify if they are legal substances and approved by different organizations.

People mustn’t go to clinics that are not reputable, even if they better offer this service.

You should never inject material such as silicone because it can disfigure the area and cause severe health problems since silicone is a non-biocompatible material.

It is not recommended for people allergic to either of these two substances.

The anti wrinkle injection procedure is not recommended for people under 18 years old or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Prices of anti wrinkle injections

Prices may vary depending on the substance to be administered and the areas to be worked on.

The anti wrinkle injections are an excellent procedure to improve the skin’s appearance, allowing it to be much more youthful. Still, people must go with real specialists such as Dr. Jaime Campos-León to avoid complications at the time of choosing this treatment.

In case there is any doubt about this process, you can contact us, and gladly assist you. Schedule your appointment and look a skin free of wrinkles.





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