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Breast revision is a procedure performed after surgery; usually, it is a protocol used to replace the breast implants that were previously placed, either to modify the size of the implants or correct some aesthetic detail that may have occurred after the recovery process.

When will it be time to consider a breast revision?

There are several reasons why Dr. Jaime Campos-León should analyze the breast area, especially in cases such as the following:

  • In case the breast implants, especially those based on saline solution, have reduced their initial volume. It will be necessary to examine the area employing an ultrasound scan if leaks are in the implanted material.
  • If the desire is to change the implants’ size, either reduce or increase the initial volume. Also, in case the implants cause a very noticeable asymmetry.
  • In case the patient presents hardening in the worked area, this is due to the encapsulation that can be generated after surgery or if the implants have moved from their position.
  • If the patient, after surgery, is not satisfied with the results.
  • In case the breasts have been modified due to some hormonal process, by lactation, pregnancy, weight loss, or age.
Breast revision

First considerations

Depending on the case for which the patient must go through, a breast revision will be the process that will be made.  For this reason, Dr. Jaime Campos-León must know the specific details about the type of surgery the patient underwent and the type of implants placed.

To change the implant's size

The process that Dr. Jaime Campos-León will perform in this type of case is special. First, the previous incision will usually enter the breasts’ internal area and modify the implants. If what is desired is to place an implant with greater volume, surgically, the pocket where the implant is placed will be changed; in case it is a reduction, the bag will also have to be modified so that the implant does not move from its place and aesthetically it will look proportionate.

Capsular contracture

If the patient presents hardening in the implants, Dr. Jaime Campos-León will use the previous surgery’s incision to remove the encapsulated implants and place others that are more biocompatible with the body.

Breast Texture

In some cases, the breast area may produce textured edges visibly and tactilely noticeable. The previous implant can be removed to place a new one or placed inside another bag to avoid texturing to modify this texture. This will help eliminate the waves or folds that previously occurred.

Implant malposition

Often, the implants no longer look the same due to the loss of elasticity suffered by the area or weight loss. In this type of situation, Dr. Jaime Campos-León must rearrange the implants and raise them slightly to insert the implant.

Nipple and areola malposition

If the nipples or areola are not in their correct position, Dr. Jaime Campos-León will have to make additional incisions, especially around the full areola, this in case of elevation is sought. Another possible incision made is around the areola vertically, from the areola to the breast fold.

Once Dr. Jaime Campos-León finds why a breast revision should be performed, he will indicate to the patient the care and recommendations that should be carried out before the surgery, such as performing physical exams to determine the patient’s state of health. In case the person is a smoker, it is essential to quit smoking at least six weeks before the breast revision. It is necessary to avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory pills.

Food is essential to prepare the body for surgery, so we recommend vitamin E, omega 3, avocado, almonds, ginger, and other products. Also, hydration is essential.

After the surgery is performed, the patient should take a couple of days for the body to rest from the manipulation of suffered, this with the objective that the body can heal properly. The patient must also follow all the instructions of Dr. Jaime Campos-León this in terms of food, care, and medication.

With the necessary care, the results can last for many years. Still, in case of weight loss or pregnancy, the results could be modified, so it will be necessary to go to Dr. Jaime Campos-León so that this area’s changes after these stages can be modified. Patients must keep in constant communication with Dr. Jaime Campos-León, mainly so that he can monitor their recovery or in cases where there is a problem with the breasts.

How to choose the right surgeon?

It is essential that in the process of breast revision, you go to a specialist surgeon like Dr. Jaime Campos-León, especially for the years of experience, the professionalism with which he worked, and because he has certifications that demonstrate his high knowledge in the subject.





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