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Cryolipolysis treatment is a procedure that allows the progressive elimination of localized fat from specific areas of the body through temperatures of -8 ºC. 

When the device is placed in the area to be worked on, the cold will destroy the fat cells, allowing them to be eliminated without leaving any signs of flaccidity in the skin. 

It is a procedure that offers surprising and definitive results, if the necessary care exists, which is why Dr. Jaime Campos-León provides this service intends to give patients satisfaction and well-being with their body.

Although currently in the aesthetic or cosmetic market, many procedures have the same purpose. The truth is that many of them will require more significant efforts that, although there will be results, can be very exhausting for people, or the changes will only be temporary.

Clattu comparison

Clatuu comparison with LIPOSUCTION

Liposuction is one of the most performed procedures intended to dissolve excess fat that accumulates in areas such as the abdomen, arms, waist, neck, among others. This is possible thanks to the use of a cannula inserted into the area with fat and finally sucked out. Since it is a surgical procedure, the patient must be under local anesthesia or sedation. If it is going to be in different areas, it will be necessary to place general anesthesia. Once the surgery is finished, the patient will require compression bandages to help keep the treated area’s pressure. Also, the patient may present inflammation and must remain at rest. 

In this first comparison, Liposuction requires a surgical intervention that will raise prices even higher and limit people. As for Cryolipolysis, it can be said that it fulfills the same objective as dissolving fat; the difference is that with Cryolipolysis, it is unnecessary to enter an operating room since it is a non-invasive treatment. Also, patients will continue with their normal activities without any problem, and it is not a process that causes pain or discomfort.

Clatuu comparison with Liposculpture

Liposculpture is more aimed at contouring the body, especially in areas such as the abdomen. In conjunction with the liposuction procedure, surgeons will make small incisions where a flexible cannula will be implanted to remove excess fat that prevents the body from contouring properly. This type of procedure is indicated for those people who wish to shape and perfect the form of their body quickly, so it is very much in demand by men who want to have a marked abdomen and by women who want to transfer the suctioned fat to other parts of the body, such as the buttocks.

Since Liposculpture also consists of operation, people who undergo this treatment will need recovery time and special care, mainly because complications that can end up in infections can occur. Meanwhile, in this second comparison, Cryolipolysis is a very gentle treatment that will not cause discomfort and will not present severe consequences as Liposculpture does. Also, it is a much more economical procedure that can be quite accessible.

Clatuu comparison with cavitation

Cavitation is a non-surgical process aiming to eliminate localized fat in different areas, employing ultrasound that handles low frequency. The application of this treatment has visible results, which can be noticed after a few sessions, mainly because thanks to the frequency can work from the circulation and lymph, allowing also having losses of toxins and increasing the skin elasticity. In addition to all these benefits, the skin achieves a significant change, mainly when there is skin with cellulite.

Although there are many similarities with Cryolipolysis, cavitation focuses more on purifying and perfecting the skin and improving body contour. At the same time, Cryolipolysis focuses on localized fat loss, which, thanks to its technique, prevents flaccidity and fluid retention. Although this comparison with cavitation is notorious, these two treatments can often be combined to achieve noticeable results from the first session.

Clatuu comparison with Radiofrequency

With the application of radiofrequency in the areas affected by the increase in adiposity, it is possible to perform a catalytic effect on the fat cells, thanks to the transfer of heat produced by the radiofrequency device. When the localized fat has contact with the heat, the fatty cells accelerate their metabolism and movement, allowing the fat to be eliminated through the lymphatic system in a non-invasive way. With the help of radiofrequency, it is possible to eliminate the fat and tone the body.

As in the same case of cavitation, Cryolipolysis focuses on removing fat found in difficult areas, but the combination of these procedures can cause better results. One of the significant advantages obtained with Cryolipolysis is that the fat treated in the area will not reappear.

If you want to eliminate the fat, ensuring that it will not reappear, Cryolipolysis is the best option. It is also a non-invasive process that does not require rest and does not limit people’s daily activities. Therefore, if you are interested in this treatment, Dr. Jaime Campos-León is the right person to perform this service.





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