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Laser Hair removal

Body and facial hair can be a big problem, especially when there are many abundances or when summer times are approaching. The problem is that many skins are easily irritated by-products that serve to remove hair, such as rake wax or depilatory cream. This can cause a lot of insecurity and stress when you want to remove the body and facial hair. Besides, this type of technique only cut the hair superficially, causing it to grow after a couple of days. But if you want to say goodbye to this problem, laser hair removal is the best option.

How does laser hair removal work?

The way in which the different types of lasers work is straightforward, employing the hairs the light that the laser emits will be led directly to the hair follicles, absorbing the melanin to destroy the follicle later. This is achieved thanks to the heat transmitted by the laser and can help eliminate or delay the hairs’ growth.

Although laser hair removal may be a treatment where it is possible to eradicate the hairs permanently, several sessions will be necessary for this to be possible. One of the drawbacks of laser hair removal is that thinning hair or hair without so much melanin does not go away, so this procedure is more advisable for people with thick, black hair.

12 Laser hair removal

Why is laser hair removal performed?

People who undergo this treatment is because they want to remove unwanted hair that can cause discomfort and insecurity. Usually, the body areas where laser hair removal is most requested are the legs, armpits, bikini area, and back, as for the face, chin, mustache area, and sideburns.

Types of laser hair removal

IPL Hair Removal

This type of laser hair removal is ideal for all skin and hair types, so people who have thin hair or little melanin may resort to this process with it. This depilation is done in the form of a sweep in the area where you are going to work, and through the light emitted by the device, it will be possible to retract the hair growth. Although it is well known and is one of the most economical, the truth is that it does not usually work very well in people with darker complexions because it has a more significant effect on people who are light-skinned and have dark hair

Laser Diode

It is one of the most requested laser hair removal types, mainly because it is ideal for dark complexions. Unlike pulsed light, it works hair by hair, increasing the chances of permanent hair follicle removal by up to 90%. It does not require as many sessions as other types of lasers.

Alexandrite Laser

Working in the same way as the diode laser, this type of laser hair removal goes hair by hair, so it will eliminate the root of the follicle bulb so that it does not reappear. Unlike the diode laser, this laser is recommended for light skin with dark hair.

Soprano Laser

This type of laser hair removal is recommended for those who have a low pain threshold and do not have as many problems with hair but wish to eliminate it. Unlike other lasers, this is the least effective since it works in a specific area and not hair by hair. For the soprano laser, several sessions will be needed.

Pros of Laser Hair Removal

No more buried hairs – With laser hair removal, buried hairs will no longer appear, so this treatment is ideal for those people who usually present this problem at the time of hair removal.

No need for daily hair removal- Because the laser works to retract or prevent the hair from growing, there will be no need for daily hair removal, especially since by undergoing this type of process, the hairs can be removed by up to 90%.

What type of laser should I choose?

According to Dr. Campos-Leon, the laser that will be chosen for laser hair removal will depend on several factors: the color of the hair, the area to be depilated, and the skin color.

Is it a safe method?

As long as it is performed within a safe space like Dr. Campos-Leon’s, there is no need to worry, and there are no risks since first, the skin and type of hair will be analyzed to know if the person is suitable for laser hair removal.

How many sessions are needed?

The sessions will depend on the type of laser used, and on each person, many times only six sessions will be needed to eliminate a large percentage of the hair, but some lasers will require fifteen. Each session, depending on the number of sessions, has a different duration; if it is full body laser hair removal, two hours will be necessary.

Is it painful?

It will depend on each person’s pain threshold, but you may feel heat and a slight pinch in the areas, it is usually a little more uncomfortable in areas where the hair is very thick and black, but that is where it will be more effective.

Can you sunbathe before and after laser hair removal?

Dr. Campos-Leon does not recommend that people sunbathe in the days before and after laser hair removal, especially since the skin can become irritated and make the sessions painful.

If you want some laser depilation treatment, with Dr. Campos-Leon, it will be the best option.





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