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4 Things People Can Do To Maintain Their Youth

It is inevitable that, as we age, our skin does not look as beautiful as it used to look years ago. Fortunately, plastic surgery is one of the best alternatives when we want our skin to look rejuvenated and, at the same time, natural.

In the beginning, it is common for people to hesitate about having any kind of surgery due to fear of complications. However, surgeons in Tijuana have been recognized worldwide as the best option thanks to their affordable prices and the thorough service they offer from start to finish.

So, here are four things you can do to keep your youth thanks to cosmetic surgery.

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1.- Botox Tijuana.

Botox in Tijuana is one of the main options to eliminate wrinkles in the face since botulinum toxin works as a muscle paralyzer that prevents the muscles from contracting as they usually do when we show some emotion, thus preventing wrinkles from forming.

This does not mean that we lose the mobility of our face, only that the expressions will be less noticeable and thus wrinkles will be less visible. You should remember that Botox is not permanent since its application takes an average of 4 days to show results and lasts between 4 to 6 months. Once this time has passed, replication is necessary.

2.- Cosmetic surgery on our face

In addition to the already mentioned Botox, some surgeries work to make our faces look as youthful as they did years ago. The famous facelift is a functional method that tightens the skin while keeping a natural look.

Other methods complement the facelift, such as a brow lift, cheek lift, or an aesthetic nose adjustment (rhinoplasty Tijuana).

3.- Liposuction

Looking young also includes keeping a good shape, and what better way than with suitable liposuction? Liposuction consists of the absorption of the fat found in the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, or neck, molding those areas of the body to give you a more stylized and natural figure.

Something you should keep in mind is that liposuction is not a process that helps you lose weight ( that requires a good diet), but rather, it is a purely aesthetic method that allows you to have a better silhouette in some regions of the body.

4.- Breast and buttocks lift and augmentation

We know that, as the years go by, certain parts of our body begin to lose their firmness, which is why there is the famous breast lift, and in case you want to see a big difference, there is also breast augmentation in Tijuana.  These procedures are ideal for anyone who wants firmer or fuller breasts. For breast augmentation, breast implants are used under the breast tissue or chest muscles, which gives noticeable volume.

Buttock augmentation is also a way to show off a more youthful and stylized body, fat obtained from liposuction is used and transferred to that area to be later molded, or implants are used. This procedure is widely used by both women and men and is more common than you think.

The cosmetic surgery offered in Tijuana is highly recognized in neighboring countries for its excellent customer service and effective results. Dr. Jaime Campos Leon is considered an artist in plastic surgery, board-certified, and provides quality and personalized service to patients. LOTUS MED GROUP is located in Tijuana, near San Diego. Schedule an appointment to provide you with the attention you deserve, from the physical evaluation to the completion of your surgery.

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