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How do I find out if a plastic surgeon is a board certified in Mexico?

For many people, one of the most critical decisions in their lives is to undergo plastic surgery because it is a procedure capable of changing everything. Whether it is to improve an aspect of their body that they are unhappy with or simply to give themselves a little touch-up.

Plastic surgery can bring many emotional benefits for patients; however, as it is a surgical procedure, there are always risks involved. These risks not only increase when the surgeon is not qualified, and the patient’s life is at risk.

Therefore, it is essential to verify that the plastic surgeon is certified by the medical board.

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How do I know if my surgeon is certified?

We can verify that plastic surgeons and clinics have the appropriate experience, permits, and training through certifications. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for patients to verify this information, so without realizing it, they end up looking for treatments in clandestine clinics.

Many signs may indicate that a clinic is clandestine, and the services they offer are lousy or even dangerous. However, they are not always easy to notice, which is why some of the following points should be considered.

Verification Pages

Several websites were created to prevent patients from falling in with malicious people when looking for plastic surgery Tijuana. One of these websites was created by the Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery, making it easier for patients to verify if their doctor has all the necessary certifications.

Their website, the Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva, offers relevant information on more than 2,000 plastic surgeons. In addition to the CMCPER directory, you can consult the information in the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery directory.

Ask for a professional license.

As a patient, you have every right to know if your plastic surgeon is qualified to offer you a procedure. You can ask for the professional license inside the office if it is not in sight.

The SEP has a website where you can check if your plastic surgeon has a professional license. It is only necessary to enter the full name of the plastic surgeon, and the information requested will appear.

Sanitary registration

Another point you should consider if you want to get botox Tijuana is that the clinic has a sanitary registration. The registration number should be visible to the naked eye, but in case it is not there, you can request it and confirm that it is legal through the Cofepris public search engine.

Surgical area

The clinic where you will undergo the procedure must have a separate surgical area, access to which must also be restricted. In addition, it must meet the necessary hygienic conditions to avoid contamination for the procedures to be safe.

The operating room must have everything necessary for the procedure to be performed correctly, such as unique lamps and equipment. A qualified anesthesiologist should only administer anesthesia with the specialty.

Recovery Area

Regardless of whether it will be a rhinoplasty Tijuana or some other type of procedure, the clinic must have a post-surgical recovery area.

Tips on how to find a good clinic

Checking the social networks of the clinic you are interested in can be of great help in finding the certificates of the medical staff. Usually, this information is uploaded on official websites, and as mentioned before, you can verify that it is accurate through other platforms.

Testimonials from other patients

With the use of the internet and social networks, it is very common to find information about the experience of other patients. This way, you can know the reputation of the surgeon who is going to do the surgery or the clinic you are planning to attend just by making a few clicks on the internet.

Pricing suspicions

In Mexico, the prices of aesthetic procedures are much more affordable than in other countries. For the same reason, in a short time, it has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists looking for an improvement during vacations.

However, a meager price can be a bad sign; although it does not apply in all cases, it is best to be suspicious. Although prices are affordable compared to those abroad, they are usually competitive in Mexico.

A renowned doctor

In addition to verifying that your plastic surgeon is highly qualified through certificates, you can learn more about the surgeon’s work. If the surgeon has a good reputation because of the surgeries performed, the treatment given to patients after the procedure, and other concerns that may arise.

Talk to your surgeon.

Plastic surgeons meet and talk personally with patients, reviewing the area to be treated and discussing the patient’s desires. They also make it clear to the patient what is possible and what is not for the patient to have a realistic idea about the procedure.

Never agree to a procedure with a plastic surgeon who is not willing to see you or check you out in person.

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