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Is Tijuana safe for plastic surgery?

In many cases, plastic surgery is the only method available to correct anomalies, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular; however; there are many doubts about how safe it can be and the disadvantages it can have, therefore in this article we will clarify several of these doubts.

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Will plastic surgery solve my problems?

It is true that plastic surgery can help correct problems such as burns, abnormalities and scars, moreover, cosmetic surgery is perfect to improve a specific part of the body, but it does not have the ability to correct the insecurities that a person has about his or her appearance.

So in case you have several insecurities about your physical appearance, cosmetic surgeries may not help you to be more confident. On the other hand, if you are a self-confident person who is only looking to improve some aspects, then it will help you present yourself to the world with much more confidence and enthusiasm.

How to know if a clinic is safe?

It is becoming more and more common when talking about Tijuana to think about medical aesthetic tourism, since it is one of the cities with the most clinics in Mexico. Due to the affordable prices and the quality with which the surgeons work, thousands of tourists venture to travel hundreds of kilometers in order to be treated in one of these clinics.

However, it is also thanks to this popularity that patients run the risk of encountering unprofessional people, so it is necessary to take into account the following points in order to detect that you are dealing with experts.


The spaces provided to work in clinics or hospitals must be wide and specially designed to ensure a good performance, otherwise, the procedures performed on the patient may become more complicated.

Medical and sanitary personnel

Your health comes first which is why you can’t put it in the hands of just anyone, it is important that you investigate the training and professionalism of the medical and sanitary personnel that will be taking care of you. A plastic surgeon Tijuana will provide you with all the information before the plastic surgery, since it is a way to assure you that you are in good hands.

Adequate rooms

After the surgery, the patients will need to be in a room that is adapted to cover the different needs they may have later on, so it doesn’t matter if they will only be in that room for one or two nights, it is necessary that the patient has the things they require to cover their needs.


It has already been proven that using the most appropriate medical equipment has a great influence on a patient’s recovery as soon as possible, in addition to the fact that using updated technology means that there are fewer scars left after surgery, on the other hand; a diagnosis is also made more efficiently.

Clinic Information

One of the things that is usually recommended is to verify that the clinic has all the necessary documentation in order to work. On the other hand, you should also take into account the experiences that other patients have had before, many times this kind of information can be found in their social media or website.

Good hygiene

The facilities must be perfectly clean, finding dirt inside the facilities can be a very bad sign, in those cases the most advisable thing to do is to seek the services of another clinic.

Affordable prices, but not cheap

Although in Tijuana the prices of cosmetic surgeries are lower than in the United States, they are prices that are adapted to the needs of the city, in other words, they are accessible prices, but not extremely low, so it is necessary to be suspicious if the prices are too low.

Information accessibility

One of the main characteristics of professional clinics is that they seek to provide patients with peace of mind. Therefore, they are willing to provide them with all kinds of relevant information, so that they can solve all the doubts they may have and generate more confidence.

Official information

The internet is a tool that can facilitate finding relevant information about a clinic or hospital, through various official platforms, the internet user can find out if the clinic you want to attend is registered and if it is good.

How to know if a clinic is safe?

As you know, Tijuana is a city full of clinics specialized in aesthetic treatments, that is why it is not always easy to choose, so a sure way to select a professional clinic is by means of the services it is offering, since it may be that at some point you need more than one of them.

For example, you may undergo weight loss surgery and then need a body lift, so it is necessary to take into account the services offered by the clinic.

English speaking

In case you are from another country, it is necessary for the doctors to be able to communicate perfectly with you, that is why it is of utmost importance that they know English to be able to explain the whole process and not leave any doubt, so you must take this point into account.

If you are looking for a professional clinic that can provide you with all the services you need, then Lotus Med Group is for you. We have the support of expert surgeons recognized in the world of plastic surgery for the quality of their work.

In addition, at Lotus Med Group we know that it is not always easy to make a decision as important as undergoing a cosmetic procedure, that is why we support you at all times and we offer you the options that best suit your needs.

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