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Cosmetic surgery vs. Reconstructive surgery

Both plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery focus on different specialties depending on the specific needs of each patient and there is often confusion between the two terms as they can be related to the same meaning, however; they are different as each has its area of specialization to meet the expectations of each patient.


Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the one that is responsible for improving the appearance of patients based on the desires of each one of them. Its objective is to enhance the symmetry of the face and generate the closest balance to the ideal proportions of the body, removing all those physical complexes that may cause discomfort to a person.
Most people decide to undergo this type of surgery to achieve security and self-confidence, so it positively impacts the patients’ mood.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Among the most outstanding cosmetic surgery procedures for women are: breast augmentation or lift, buttock augmentation, facelift, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, eyebrow lift, and cheek and chin enhancement.

While for men, the following predominate: abdominal etching, liposculpture, pectoral augmentation, fat grafting for buttocks, deltoids, biceps, and triceps.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery refers to a series of surgical procedures that help reconstruct abnormalities in the body caused by trauma, genetics, infections, tumors, or disease. In contrast to cosmetic surgery, these procedures don’t aim to improve appearance but rather over the functionality of the affected body parts.

In some cases, reconstructive surgery is an option after recovering from diseases or physical conditions that cause constant pain in patients; for example, most breast reduction surgeries are due to low back pain that can generate the weight of the mammary glands.

Another way to apply for this type of surgery is if a person who has lost an excessive amount of weight will have excess skin that could be removed with reconstructive surgery such as a body lift.

Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

Reconstructive surgery procedures are for both men and women. For the female gender, it is common to undergo breast reduction, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, eyelid surgery, or congenital facial deformities.
As for the male gender, procedures such as gynecomastia and mentoplasty are the most common, although they can also apply eyelid surgery or congenital facial deformities, as in the case of women.

What is plastic surgery?

There is a high chance that when you hear about any type of surgery, whether aesthetic or reconstructive, simply referred to as plastic surgery. However, it is essential to clarify that both types of surgery derive from plastic surgery, and each has its approach. In general, plastic surgery, no matter what specialty it refers to, provides extraordinary benefits both for the health of patients and the psychological factor that can create insecurities in patients.

What kind of surgery do I need?

Generally, if reconstructive surgery is needed, it will have the same benefits as cosmetic surgery, since it will improve the physical appearance. Still, the main priority will constantly be eliminating anomalies, and pain patients may suffer. The most appropriate way to identify the right surgery to treat any discomfort or irregularity in the body is to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon, who will carry out a diagnosis and, based on it, will generate a specialized treatment plan.

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